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REI Roundtable Podcast: Buy and Hold vs. Buy and Flip

Which is the better investing method for new investors? Buy and hold or buy and flip?

This week’s REI Roundtable Podcast welcomes you to to the world of buy and hold vs. buy and flip as Rob the House Guy interviews JoAnna Anderson of Remnant Real Estate Solutions in North Carolina and Gary Thomas from Akron, OH.  

Watch this week's REI Roundtable episode below. 

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The big question that so many investors have is should they buy and hold, buy and sell, or do a combination of both? 

JoAnna and Gary are on the opposite ends of the spectrum and will share both of their experiences and insight in this informative podcast. 

You’ll discover things like: 

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages to buy and hold vs buy and sell, even if you’re brand new 

  • Why a Roth account is beneficial when borrowing your own money or borrowing from other investors 

  • How to deal with UBIT tax <<= if you don’t know what this is, make sure you watch or listen to find out 

  • Hard money vs. private money vs. lending institutions

  • Plus JoAnna and Gary’s one piece of advice to new investors

  • And a lot more! 

Watch the new episode on this page or listen to the podcast here. 

When you listen to the advice and experience of successful investors who have gone through the trials and tribulations of making mistakes and building a long-term business, then you’re automatically a step ahead of your competitors.

Inspire us in the comment section below with your personal success stories and experiences!

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Note: This podcast was recorded before the coronavirus pandemic took hold in the U.S. For continued updates on the changes taking place in the industry of real estate investing as it relates to COVID-19, please visit our new dedicated website,


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