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How Successful Real Estate Investors Handle Their Business During COVID-19

On this webinar, we talk with Jenna Hoover, owner of Jenna Buys Houses, and Rob “The House Guy” Gillespie about how they are handling real estate investing in the new age of Coronavirus.

Watch this webinar replay below. 

Or listen to the podcast here. 

On this informative training session, Jenna and Rob discuss…

  • How they are actively growing their REI businesses now, even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
    Jenna shares how she is not only surviving, but thriving, in this new market.

  • How to consistently generate seller leads and become a deal architect so your business is never at the mercy of a changing market.
    While Rob has been at home for 6 weeks, he has found more deals than ever.

  • How to find and interact with REI buyers that are still buying properties right now.
    Rob will share how he is actively wholesaling properties to a stable of fix and flip buyers.

  • What you can do in your local market to help - People Over Profits (your success will depend on this!)

Feelings of uncertainty, unlike anything we've ever experienced before, have people across the country feeling very insecure about their future.

Discover how you can be the one that they turn to, creating a win-win situation when people need it the most.

Watch the replay above or listen to the podcast here.

We'd love to hear from you! If you have any tips to share with us about how you're continuing to grow your business during this time, please leave a comment below.

Or if you have a question for Jenna or Rob, please leave them in the comments below!