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REI Roundtable Podcast: Network To Net Worth

"That awkward moment when" is a shared experience… Especially when you're first starting out in this business.

On this week's episode of the REI Roundtable Podcast, Rob "The House Guy" welcomes Real Estate Investor Sam Livingston back to the show. Together, they sit down with new guest Tony Stastny, Regional Director for Business Networking International.

Is networking on your list for 2020?

What about setting up a referral strategy?

If so, this episode is your can't-miss, won't-miss, must-listen To Do for the week.

Watch the brand new episode of REI Roundtable below. 

Or listen to the podcast here. 

When you watch, you'll realize that what Sam and Tony agree on is true: sales can really get in the way of networking. But, networking is the most effective way to generate sales.

So, where should you be focusing your efforts?


Here are some of the main takeaways from our experts:

  1. Your biggest mistake is looking at everyone as a prospect. People do business with those they know, like, and trust.

  2. Building a relationship is more important than making a sale.

Also, Sam talks a lot about how he's "never gone wrong by giving something away."

He shares his referral strategy and how focusing on relationships brings the business TO him.

Plus, Sam talks about having an abundance mindset and how getting involved in his local community has had a positive impact on others and on his business.

Tony also tells a story that will stick with you.

He started out as a truck driver before he found Business Networking International. On his routes, he'd see people his age out jogging or riding their bikes in the middle of the day.

That became his fuel: How does someone find that freedom?

At Realeflow, we're all about helping you find your freedom.

Being able to ride his bike in the middle of the day became Tony's idea of freedom…

In this episode, you'll hear how he got there—and how you can, too!

If you get anything from this week's episode, it should be this: 

Relationship building leads to referral sharing. 

And referrals means the business comes to you.

Ready to figure out how you can make that happen?

Watch or listen now.

While you're here, Rob mentions something we have to share, too.

Did you know that Realeflow has networking functions built right into our software? When you find a potential deal, you can simply click to share it with other Real Estate Investors, right then and there. That's some next-level networking!

Give it a watch (or listen) and let us know what you think!

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