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Who wins when a real estate investor and a real estate contractor don't see eye to eye? 

“You’ll get paid at the end!” vs “You’ll pay me a deposit or I walk!”

Watch REI Roundtable Episode 9 to find out. 

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On this episode we brought expert real estate investor, JoAnna Anderson, face to face with veteran contractor, Chris Hansen, to talk about a very sensitive subject:

What happens when an investor and a contractor don’t see eye to eye?

Our expert guests reveal…

  • Smooth Operator: Here’s how to easily manage all the different on-site personalities when you’re dealing with crucial deadlines (and sensitive egos.)

  • Pre-habbing? How this real estate investor cherry picks the very best contractors to avoid botched work and expensive rehires.  

  • Beggars or Choosers? How an in-demand contractor chooses which investors to work with and which ones to completely avoid. << Huge insight.

  • The Contractor’s Contractor: Who’s ultimately responsible when subcontractors create problems or delay the deadline? << Real Estate Investors! Don’t want to miss this one.

  • Who Pays First? When a contractor gives you a number for a downpayment, do you pay up front? Our expert real estate investor says…

  • Work Without Pay? Should you ever start a job without a down payment? Our expert contractor says…

  • The Home Stretch: A strategic way to make sure work does not slow down during the last 10% of the job. Hint: you’ll want to steal “The Punch List” strategy for your own business… 

  • And much, much more…

Whatever your current experience level, this special episode will grant you key insights that will save you a fortune and help you make business decisions that will lead to more deals and bigger pay days.

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