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In this exciting new episode, Rob “The House Guy” sits down with a veteran real estate attorney to talk about the “do’s” and “don’t’s” of real estate investing (from a legal perspective).

Watch the video below or listen to the podcast here. 


Our guest reveals…

  • When to “Lawyer Up”: The exact moment to stop filing your own paperwork and get an attorney to do the work for you.

  • Go Near, Not Far: Here’s how to make sure your attorney is dialed into your city, county, and state laws.

  • Don’t Get Cheated: Are all lawyers created equally? Can you use a family law attorney for your business? Watch for the surprising answer.

  • THIS IS GOLD! The #1 question you must to ask when interviewing an attorney for your business! (plus two bonus questions that will catch them off guard)

  • Legal Loopholes: Our guest reveals how the sharpest attorneys find a way to get your real estate deals done for you (even if the answer is “no” the first time).

  • And so much more packed into one new episode…

If you’d like to close real estate deals in 2019, and don’t have the benefit of legal council on your side, stop what you’re doing and let our expert guest show you exactly how to make your business virtually bulletproof.

Our only goal here at Realeflow is to get you educated, informed, and ready to close deals. No fluff, no chest thumping, no grandstanding… just real experts with actionable information that you can put to work the minute you finish watching each episode. 

Real Estate Investors love REI Roundtable and unanimously agree…

REI Roundtable is the format I wish I had when I got started over 20 years ago…


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