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REI Roundtable Season 2 Premiere: From Surviving To Thriving

What does it take to turn your first real estate transaction into a thriving business?

Watch the premiere of REI Roundtable Season 2 to find out. 

The real estate investing landscape is changing and investors with strategies that worked just a few short years ago are having to adjust their methods.

This educational series (also now a podcast) speaks directly to the new, or growing, real estate investor...

...The investor who has closed their first handful of real estate transactions and wants more leads, a more efficient way of working, and specific tips and strategies to overcome the problems and pit falls that beginning investors are sure to encounter.

That’s why we can’t think of a better way to open REI Roundtable's Season 2 than with Tim Bratz and Lee Kearney, who we brought together for one special reason: they both started with nothing and still managed to strategically build multiple million dollar businesses.

Today, they are going to put it all on the table and give away their practical steps to building on what you have today, to get what you really want tomorrow.

On this episode you will learn real estate investing insights like…

  • One, Two, Ten: How to strategically expand your portfolio instead of focusing on one deal at a time.

  • Niche Niche Niche: How to avoid forcing yourself into a corner (and recognize which opportunity is actually going to make you money.)

  • Compound Effect - The investor mindset that you need to adopt to start seeing payoffs.

  • REI Speed Trick: Our guest reveals his “secret” for getting all the knowledge he’d ever need - for free.

    Many new real estate investors make the mistake of going it alone for far too long. Our guest's “speed trick” is a practical example of how a new investor can “skip a few steps.”

  • Day Trade Apartments??: Listen as our guest outlines how a simple mindset shift allowed him to scale his business << you need to hear this!

  • What our guest learned from going flat broke… and the two things that took him down and zeroed out his bank account.

  • How to find the “bread and butter” rentals.

  • How “work force housing” is changing how investors approach investing.

    Most new real estate investors aren’t sure what work force housing is. This one insight could be the strategic insight that opens up a whole new world of investing opportunity.

  • Where new investors get stuck: Hint! you don’t need to save up and wait to buy a house to get a hold of income producing assets. Listen to this…

  • Investor Wisdom: The only thing separating a wealthy investor from a struggling investor.

  • The GPS Strategy: How to reverse engineer the path to get exactly where you want to be… and earn exactly what you want to make. 

Our guests will share their simple approach to setting their sights on success and actually making it happen.

Our goal with REI Roundtable is to arm you with specific knowledge that will make a massive impact in your real estate investing business starting today. The REI Roundtable Podcast will be back each week with brand new experts revealing strategies and advice for the new and growing real estate investor.

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There’s always money in real estate, you just gave to be on the right side of the deal.

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