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In this episode - Rob “The House Guy” sits down with two seasoned rehab experts to talk about their method for finding and managing top-notch contractors.


Our guests deep dive into…

  • The Smart Start: How to sort out the contractors with a proven track record vs. the “bums” that only waste your time.

  • From $ To $$$: How the right contractor can take your property from unlivable to “ready to sell” this is the most essential part of your house flipping business.

  • Good, Cheap, or Fast? How to prevent your contractor from cutting corners during the rehab. <= Don’t miss this.

  • Bids and Agreements: How to make sure you’re getting the best price in town *before* any work begins. (Don’t get played for a fool!)

  • Red Flags! What to never do while structuring your rehab deal (…and why it’s important you get the contractor to warranty their work for at least a year)

  • Market Muscle: How to make the jump from small local markets to big city markets with ease (…even if you live hundreds of miles away)

  • Your Secret Weapon: The one member of your crew that will save you thousands of dollars! 

  • Your Unfair Advantage: Get help with rehab costs, track all your bids as they happen, and keep the entire project sorted and organized… all directly inside the Realeflow software

  • There’s so much more on this episode…

If you’re curious about rehabbing and want to know how it all works, let our guests pull back the curtain and tell you the truth about rehabbing in 2019 in this new episode.

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