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The passive sale: that’s what we’re talking about today. 

Are you familiar with the term?

First, let's start with the opposite of the passive sale - the active sale.

The active sale is the type of sale that you’re always working on. It involves marketing, nurturing, and negotiating, but this type of proactive sales strategy is critical to getting your business off the ground.

The passive sale is just as important, but much easier to get.

The passive sale comes to you.

It’s not something that happens on your first deal... And your second deal isn’t going to happen this way either.

But as you build your business, as you build relationships, as you invest in your local community, sellers and buyers are going to start coming to you…

And you want to be ready.


Think about it like this: your friend is looking for a plumber and you happen to “know a guy.”

You found this guy’s number online, made the call, and it ended up being a really positive experience. Now, he’s your plumber and you feel confident recommending him to others.

His website has his rates, hours, and contact information, so you send that to your friend. Your friend clicks to call and your plumber just made a passive sale.

That’s a classic win-win-win

But this is a game that you could be winning, too.

You have to be easily shareable to your past, present, and future clients.

This used to be a business card. Don’t get me wrong, business cards are great, but they offer such little space to communicate your message.

They’re also paper, which means that they’re subject to wear and tear and you’re relying on your clients to either have one on hand or, I guess, run home and find the one that you gave them at that one meeting, that one time, once your name comes up? 🤔

Not #winning. 👎

This is why you need a website. But not any old website. You need an attractive, functional, intuitive website designed specifically to convert leads into deals.


Here’s what usually happens: a real estate investor sets up a website just to check a box.

But what they fail to realize is that the website is the hardest-working member of their team. It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it has the three most important jobs:

  1. Tell people why they should call you.

  2. Tell people how they can call you.

  3. Give people the option to have you call them instead.

Either way, a call is being made and, with the passive sale, you didn’t even know it was coming.


Now, maybe you don’t think you’re there yet. Maybe you’re just getting started and the deals you’ve done are mostly one-offs.

That’s okay.

The clients you serve today may know somebody who needs a referral tomorrow. Make it easy for them to send referral traffic your way.

Now, let’s talk about best practices.

Your website should primarily do the three things that we talked about above, but your web strategy should be more sophisticated.

Here are the top 5 do’s and don’ts for your Real Estate Investing website:


  1. Tell people who you are, but keep it brief and relevant.

  2. Tell people why they should work with you, but still keep it brief and relevant.

  3. Clearly state the geographic area that you work in.

  4. Make it stupid easy for people to call you.

  5. Use forms to collect leads online from visitors who aren’t ready to call.


  1. Give a price range that might detract potential leads (you can always hand these leads to other trusted investors in your network.)

  2. Make it about you. Instead, make it about them.

  3. Be too wordy. Do you like a wordy website? No one does.

  4. Be too concise, either. Ideally, you want to find that balance where you’re giving visitors some of the information they want, but making them call for the rest.

  5. Overthink it.

That overthinking part it is where we come in.


Our real estate investing software, Realeflow, includes ready-to-use website templates that are sleek and hyper-focused on lead generation.

There is no need to pay for a web designer, write copy, record a sales video, know how to code, or anything else that goes along with creating an effective website.

Everything has been done for you, is thoroughly tested, and ready to convert visitors to leads.

Feeling like a winner yet?

You've got this! 

We also want to give you access to this powerful FREE resource called "The Ultimate SEO Checklist."

It will come in handy when you set up your first lead capture website, whether it’s set up in Realeflow, or elsewhere.

In this free report you'll discover:

  • Exactly what to do (and what NOT to do) to get your real estate investing website to show up high in the major search engines

  • A step-by-step checklist that you can refer to every time you set up a new lead capture website

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As you know, at Realeflow, our biggest mission is to help others find their freedom. It's what gets us going every morning: thinking about how Realeflow is going to help real estate investors like you work smarter to build their business, while achieving their goal of financial freedom.

Let us know how your website is working for you by leaving us a comment!

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