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Real estate Investors Vs. Agents: The Main Differences

What happens when an unlicensed real estate investor and a by-the-books agent come face-to-face to talk shop?

Watch REI Roundtable Episode 8 to find out. 

Or listen to the podcast here.

When you do, you’ll also discover…

  • Deal Or No Deal: Will operating without a real estate license offer you any tangible benefits? Discover exactly what kind of deals you can and can’t do without a license.

  • One Man Band: How a real estate investor with no team and without a license was able to close a profitable real estate deal quickly.

  • How to deal with “Snobby” agents: Our guest shares how he avoids “doing all the work while someone else collects the checks”

  • 3 things you should NEVER do: #1 NEVER put buyers and homeowners in the same room when negotiating the offer. Watch this episode for #2 and #3.

  • Multiple Offer Strategy: Our unlicensed investor shares how he gets “cold properties” to move regardless of current-market conditions. << Do *not* miss this one.

  • And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… 

It’s rare that real estate professionals on very different paths sit down to talk shop, so take a moment and watch this latest episode of REI Roundtable right now! 

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TODAY, if you want to know how an “uncommon” career path in real estate can lead to tremendous success… then take a few minutes and watch this brand new REI Roundtable episode or... 


If you missed last week's episode of REI Roundtable, then watch it here now for all the "do's" and "don'ts" of real estate investing from a legal perspective.