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REI Roundtable Podcast: Recession-Proofing Your Business

Here’s the thing that we love about our podcast:

We bring in experts at the top of their game, with proven strategies that they’re willing to share.

The result isn’t just a fun conversation; it is practical advice that you can apply today.

In this episode of the REI Roundtable podcast, guest Lee Kearney shares how he came back from the 2007 recession.

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But it’s not just a comeback; Lee explains how his strategy had to change for his business to survive.

There’s a lot of talk about a dip in 2020… And Rob and Lee agree that it’s the talk that usually makes the dip happen, regardless.

Let’s be real: Dips are inevitable. All you can really control is your strategy (and the tools available… Hellooo Realeflow!)

This brings us to what made this episode one of our favorites: Lee doesn’t just share his professional strategy; he shares his personal strategy as well.

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When you’re in REI, you meet a lot of hustlers… And by that, we mean people who hustle. 

The hustle is inspiring and it should inspire you, too.

No one finds freedom laying on the sidewalk. It takes years to build a business and it usually involves picking yourself back up off the ground once or twice.

Hustlers also share something else: They’re intentional.

This is our not-so-official, but definitely accurate, definition of what it means to be intentional:

You wake up with your Why in mind and you make decisions based on that Why. And at the end of the day, you think about what Lee has to say:

If you do something each day to move the business forward, and each week you've got a weekly goal, business is going to head in the right direction.

That is intentional! At 7,500 properties sold and more than half a billion in sales, Lee knows what the hustle is all about.

Here are some of the habits he shared:

  • He wakes up at 5 AM every day.
    Statistically, leaders wake up early. Set that alarm!

  • Before anything else, he prays and reads.
    Think about what fills you up, then build that into your day.

  • He pre-plans his meals and confirms his appointments.
    This is a common habit of leaders: Eliminate the unknown.

  • He goes to boxing several days a week.
    Strong body, strong mind. Find what works for you!

  • He starts by clearing his inbox.
    This is another habit that top leaders share again and again.

  • He schedules time with his family.

He’s found his why. What’s yours?

Which of these habits have you already built into your hustle?

Which are you going to implement today?

Have any personal habits that you’d like to share with the community? Share your answers in the comments and let’s keep the conversation going!

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