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Are you interested in real estate investing outside of your local  market, but aren't sure how or where to get started? 

This is a common fear among many real estate investors, so you’re not alone. Successful real estate investor, JoAnna Anderson, of Remnant Real Estate Solutions had this same fear, until she did her first out-of-state deal.

In this quick video you’ll also discover…


  • How JoAnna found a lead outside of her local market (actually - in another state!) 
  • Exactly what steps JoAnna took to analyze the deal and determine if the lead was worth pursuing, even though it was several hours away
  • How JoAnna got creative with finding contractors, buyers, and funding an out-of-state property
  • Which tools JoAnna used at every stage of this deal
  • And much more!

After you watch the video, take that first step and download your Real Estate Investing Tool Kit here. 

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