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REI Roundtable: Motivated Seller Leads That Work

How do you get a list of cold leads to raise their hands and say, "YES! I'm so glad you called!"

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Ask any real estate investor what their #1 pain point is and most will unanimously say: leads!

On this important episode, Rob “The House Guy” sits down with two experts in lead generation, Bob Lachance from REVA Global and Amy Ransdell from Powerhouse Real Estate.

Bob and Amy reveal the exact steps behind how they’ve created a Lead Cultivation and Nurture system that finds leads and nurtures them, so when it’s time to do business, Bob and Amy are always top of mind.

On today’s episode you will learn…

  • Lead Farming: Which “outdated” lead sources still work for our experts (and which “new” sources are actually a waste of time and money.)

  • Tired Landlords: Why this seasonal lead could become a profit center for your business.

  • Door Knockers??: Exactly how our expert guest uses virtual assistants to dig up leads (this is incredibly valuable for the beginning investor…)

  • Cold Calling: Our guests talk about their cold call Connect Rate: how many calls per hour vs how many of those calls get picked up.

  • Secret Lists?: How our guests use Leadpipes Ai to market to lists that aren’t available anywhere else << you need to hear this!

  • What’s the average ITS (interested to sell) rate on cold calling?

  • Nurturing System - Our guest reveals that 70% of all properties they have done business with were on follow up… here’s how to institute your own follow up campaign..

  • How to get more cold leads to raise their hand and say, ”Yes, I would love to entertain an offer!”

  • How to establish consistency and presence in your market so people know that your business is relevant, trustworthy, and authentic.

  • The #1 skill for new investors - This skill will 100% be the reason someone decides to hear you out.

  • Cold Call Advice: How to avoid all of those non-working numbers, voicemails, hang ups, and flat out rejections.

  • The Art of the Warm Transfer: How to strategically shift a cold lead from unmotivated seller to active listener… (so you can get them off the fence and ready to sell)

  • Pacing - How to handle volume. (you’ll be glad you know about this when you get more leads than you can handle)

  • How to evaluate your lead costs…

  • The 6 Month Campaign: How (and why) you should get your leads on a 6 month follow up sequence.

  • Investor Wisdom: What are your advantages in a crowded market? Which market list is going to give you the best chance for success? (Here’s how our expert guests pull information and build lists.)

  • And much, much more…

“If you're not marketing every day, you're not in business.”

When it comes to leads, our guests have created an iron clad system that takes cold leads and turns them into motivated sellers. Our guests reveal everything that they know about lead generation, the nurture process, the software, and the strategies so you can dial in and get going.

If struggling with leads is the only reason you’ve hesitated getting into real estate investing, then stop what you’re doing and watch or listen to this episode right now. 

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