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REI Roundtable - The NEW Podcast Where Real Estate Investors Get Real

Sponsored by Realeflow, REI Roundtable is hosted by renowned Real Estate Investor Rob “The House Guy” Gillespie.

Today, the REI Roundtable podcast sponsored by Realeflow is available to stream across several platforms.

Hosted by accomplished Real Estate Investor Rob “The House Guy” Gillespie, the REI Roundtable podcast offers an unscripted, multi-dimensional take on real estate investing.


Most of what I’ve learned about real estate investing was through conversations and experiences that I’ve had in the last two decades as a real estate investor, said Gillespie.

Together with Realeflow, we’ve created a forum where fellow investors can really listen in, on and benefit from, these same conversations. 

The candid conversations in each episode break down some of the most under-discussed topics in the industry, equipping listeners with real estate knowledge and practical takeaways that investors can use to grow their business today.

Gillespie hosts the top minds in real estate ranging from legal professionals to property managers, contractors to realtors, and other leading investors.

Information and knowledge are two totally different things, said Gillespie. Most people rely on courses and gurus to get information with the hope of being successful in real estate, however, the REI Roundtable is bringing knowledge gained through experience right to the listener.

This new podcast evolved from Realeflow’s already popular REI Roundtable series on YouTube.

Looking ahead, the podcast will answer more of the questions real estate investors are asking:

  • How do I fund future potential deals?

  • How do I keep compliant with changing rules and regulations?

  • When does it make sense to DIY and when should I hire out?

Listeners are already telling us that the REI Roundtable podcast is the resource they wish they’d had when they started in the business decades ago, said Greg Clement, Founder & CEO of Realeflow.

As one of the top lead generation resources for investors in the country, this podcast is another opportunity for Realeflow to continue to come alongside our clients, equipping them with the tools that they need to succeed in real estate.

REI Roundtable sponsored by Realeflow is available to stream here now.