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November Updates: New Websites and SKIP TRACING!

Welcome back to Realeflow updates! 

It’s great to be back! But, first, let us start by saying that we sincerely hope each and every one of you is doing well during these unprecedented times.

In an effort to return to a sense of normalcy, combined with the recent updates that we’ve made to our websites AND the introduction of Skip Tracing, we decided to bring back the ever-popular update video... Zoom edition, of course.

You’ll see what we’re talking about when you watch this month’s update video below.


The one thing that we can probably all agree on is that we’re all up to date on how to participate in Zoom calls. Here at Realeflow, we’ve all been working remotely and have relied heavily on Zoom calls to keep the lines of communication open and business moving forward.

Now, after months of participating in these calls, some of us have started to notice patterns emerge with others on the call.

Watch the update video to see which types of Zoomers we have at Realeflow AND to learn about some awesome new updates that we’ve made to the Realeflow Platform.

First up... 

🌐 💻 WEBSITES 💻 🌐

We’ve totally rebuilt Realeflow's websites from the ground up, changing the way you create, view, edit, and utilize these cornerstones of your real estate investing business.

The first thing that you'll notice is that your websites are now in a card view, rather than a list view. This makes identifying your websites easier and provides basic information at a glance.

Websites card view

The same is true for your purchased domains. 

In the past, we have managed the domain records for our users. Now, we allow YOU to access the DNS info section within your Realeflow account.

If you purchase your domain outside of Realeflow and point the domain to us so your website displays, having access to the DNS information will allow you to add any necessary records to get things like your business email set up.

Essentially we are taking the middle man (us) out of the record updates and giving control back to the user.

Of course, as always, our Award Winning Customer Support Team is here if you need them.

Back at the websites card view, you can view, edit, connect domains, and edit your autoresponders.

We’ve also improved the way that you create your websites.

The first of which is the introduction of subdomains. Subdomains allow your site to go LIVE as soon as you create it.

Visitors will be able to access your website via this subdomain, or you can use it as a live test site while perfecting your content.

However, it is recommended that you connect or purchase a primary domain, which can be done at a later time in the Domains Tab.

Now, here’s where this update really shines. We’ve given you more control over every aspect of your websites by integrating with Wordpress. 

If you’re not familiar with Wordpress, don’t fret. We’ll walk you through the initial steps to get your website customized and tailored to you and your business starting with selecting your theme.

Simply select the theme that you like and you’ll be prompted through the setup process as you go.

You can preview the available content packs before selecting the one that you want to use. When you choose your content pack, it will install all the proper plug-ins and content used in the template.

You’ll also have the option to review the Knowledgebase article in order to familiarize yourself with the new editor, or you can jump right in and start editing.

On the main editing dashboard, you’ll notice the in-depth menu toolbar on the left. This is where you’ll have total control over every aspect of your site, including forms, CSS, appearance and so much more.

While all of these tools and options are extremely powerful, we understand that they can also be a little intimidating.

That's why we’ve included a progress box for setting up your site. Simply run through the listed action items and, in no time at all, you’ll have your customized website up and running.

Common editing tasks are listed in the Quick Actions panel.

This provides shortcuts to walk you through the most used editing tools for maintaining your site. 

Other action items like creating blog posts and managing menus can be achieved with just a couple of clicks. And, of course, the Knowledgebase is always available if you need further assistance.

For those more familiar with Wordpress, feel free to explore all the powerful tools available to you in the side menu.

Our goal with these updates was to make it easier than ever to get your websites up and running, while also providing you with more powerful tools for customization and functionality.


This next update will make our already powerful suite of Leadpipes tools much more effective for finding motivated sellers.

Realeflow now offers the ability to track down phone numbers for your leads with the simple click of a button! 

We are excited to introduce Skip Tracing for both your contacts and leads.

To skip trace your contacts, simply select the contacts you would like to skip trace and click the NEW Skip Trace Button.

If you are skip tracing leads, simply add the leads that you want to pursue to your My Leads tray. You’ll notice the new Skip Trace button along the top. By selecting it, you’ll initiate a skip trace on those leads.

Simply select how you’d like them delivered to you, agree to the terms and conditions, and place your order. Then Realeflow will get to work, finding contact phone numbers for your leads.

The Cost for every phone number is just 10 cents per lead and any unmatched leads will be credited back to your account.

Of course, as always, our Award Winning Customer Support Team is here if you need them.

Well, that’s going to do it for this month's home version of the Realeflow update video.

If you have any feedback or features that you’d like to see implemented into Realeflow, email them to

Till next time, stay safe and, as always, happy investing.