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New Leadpipe Tags Added to FlipComp

If you were logged in to FlipComp yesterday, you might have noticed a new feature we rolled out: Leadpipes Tags. We've layered Realeflow Leadpipes data on top of FlipComp MLS data. This data is vital for real estate investors, letting them know if an MLS property is owned by a motivated seller.

The tags we've added so far include:

  • Absentee Owner
  • Cash Buyer
  • High Equity
  • Low Equity
  • Upside Down
  • Free & Clear

Here's an example of what the tags look like; you'll notice them at the bottom of each property card:


In the main filters area, you'll see that we've also added checkboxes that you can use paired with all the other powerful FlipComp filters to further narrow down your search for profitable investments.


Want to search for free and clear single family properties, that have been listed in the last two weeks, in a specific school zone (according to the polygon map that you've drawn), and are noted as "fixer upper" by the listing agent in the MLS description? No problem!

FlipComp makes it easy.

These tags, like all Realeflow Leadpipes, are created when property data matches certain criteria. We work very hard to present the most accurate data possible; however, accuracy is contingent upon the data we receive from our varied sources including private & government data sets.

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