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August Updates: New Data Export Option and… Something Big Is Cooking…

As we enter August, we head into the dog days of summer. Before the warm summer nights give way to cool fall days, I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize all that summer offers…

…Namely, pesky bugs and delicious smoked brisket.


Here at Realeflow, our Dev Team has a lot in common with summer.

🐜 BUGS 🐜

Bugs, for example.

Now we all know that bugs are small, little annoying things that pop up out of nowhere but, with just a little bit of effort, most can be whisked away in a jiffy.

However, others sometimes take a little more muscle...

Whatever the case, eradicating the little buggers that occasionally pop up in Realeflow is something that our Development Team does with uncompromising efficiency. They pride themselves on continually ensuring that Realeflow operates at the speed of business.

Now, smoking a delicious brisket, however, takes far more planning. It’s very time consuming and requires a lot of attention to detail. You may even call it a labor of love. When it’s done and you take that first bite… that's when you are rewarded for all of your hard work, effort, and time.

Well, our Dev Team has been licking its chops for the past few months cooking up something that you are definitely going to want to sink your teeth into when it’s done.

While I let that marinate, I wanted to tell you about an update that will streamline the way you export data.


You now have the ability to export a single user's data, instead of having to export all of their available data.

This can be done by clicking on the cloud icon in the right-hand corner of the contact file. Now you can export only the data that you need and cut down on the clutter.


(Realeflow - Data Export)

Now, let’s check out what Dev has been cooking up…


This is NOT an Update. It’s far too all encompassing. It’s not even an Upgrade. That would imply that we’ve made something that existed even better.

The fact of the matter is, there has never been anything like this before.

I would have to say this is more of an “Up-rooting”… Because this is going to Up-root the old ways in which PEOPLE find leads in REAL ESTATE.

Everyone from investors, like yourself, to real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and even retail homebuyers looking to get a deal on their next home, will benefit from this new technology.

This is what I meant by all encompassing.

Introducing the...


The Sellability Index is a scoring system which uses AI, or Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning to more accurately predict which houses have a higher propensity to sell in the next 90 days.

It uses thousands of data points, countless variables, and 40 years of past historical data to give every property in America a RETAIL SCORE as well as a WHOLESALE SCORE.

The higher the Retail Score on a property, the higher the likelihood that the property owner will want to sell their property in the next 90 days, likely at retail value. This score is an ideal tool for agents, mortgage brokers, and really anyone who needs to predict when a transaction might occur.

The higher the Wholesale Score on a property, the higher the likelihood that the property owner will, not only want to sell their property, but also want to sell at a discount (below market value).

This score is an ideal tool for flippers, wholesalers, rehabbers, landlords, any type of real estate investor, and any type of buyer that is looking for a great deal on a property.

As we continue to develop Leadpipes Ai, we’ll be releasing more details and information as they become available.

If you want to stay up to date on the developments, just click here.


If you have any suggestions or feature ideas, please send them over to us at

Happy investing!