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All New UI for Real Estate Lead Searches

We are excited to introduce the latest update to our Leadpipes User Interface, designed to enhance and streamline your real estate lead search experience.

The new UI brings several enhancements, including Recent Searches, Quick Searches, a reorganized filter panel, and the ability to take action directly from the filtering screen without adding leads to "My Leads." These improvements aim to make your lead generation process more efficient and user-friendly.

Start Your Real Estate Lead Search

If you’re new to our platform or haven’t performed a search yet, starting your real estate lead search has never been easier. 

Our updated UI guides you seamlessly into using Recent Searches, Quick Searches, and our existing Saved Searches features. 

Leadpipes Start New Search

Recent Searches

Our system will now automatically save your last five searches, including all the filters you used. 

This means you can quickly revisit and refine your previous searches without having to start from scratch.

Redesigned Real Estate Lead Search Menu

Our redesigned search menu allows you to enter a location and quickly access Recent Searches, Quick Searches, and Saved Searches. 

This intuitive setup ensures that all your preferred search criteria are at your fingertips, streamlining your workflow.

Redesigned Search Menu

Real Estate Lead Search Menu with Quick Search

Quick Searches are pre-bundled sets of filters that don’t have a location applied to them. 

When you click on a Quick Search, you'll be prompted to enter a location if you haven't already. This ensures that the search results are always relevant to your specific area of interest.

Quick Search

Real Estate Lead Search Menu with Location Results

Once you’ve entered your location, our system will display Quick Searches, Saved Searches, and various lead types that you can include or exclude.

If you haven’t entered a location, the system will prompt you to share your location. If the location request is approved, you can perform a search right where you’re located! 

This feature allows you to target your search further, providing you with highly relevant results tailored to your needs.

Search with Location

Lead Search with Results

When your search returns results, you’ll have the option to save the search and toggle Deal Alerts on or off. If you haven't saved your search, clicking the Deal Alerts button will walk you through the Save Search setup.

Deal Alerts toggle when no saved search

If you’re already working in a previously Saved Search, the Deal Alerts button will be available to toggle on or off.  

Toggling this button to on, will allow you to receive alerts about new properties that match your search criteria, ensuring you never miss out on potential opportunities.

Deal Alerts Toggle On

Lead Search with No Results Found

In cases where no results are found, our system leverages the new features to provide you with timely and relevant guidance. 

You’ll be prompted with options like Recent Searches, Quick Searches, and Saved Searches, helping you adjust your criteria or explore other avenues.

no results

New Full-Width Filter Panel

Our new full-width filter panel reorganizes every search filter into logical groupings, making them more easily accessible. 

By clicking the new "Filters" button in the search bar, you can quickly navigate to the relevant section you want to edit.

This panel also allows you to take bulk actions on a full list of results, such as downloading, saving, or direct messaging leads.

Additionally, you can save a new search using the predefined filters directly from the filters drawer.

We’ve also added a "summary" on the left-hand side of the panel. This gives you an overview of the filters that have been applied so you can more easily remove filters that are no longer necessary without having to find the filter in the list.

Full Width Filter

Taking Action Directly from the Filter Panel

With the updated interface, you no longer need to add leads to "My Leads" to take action. 

You can now perform bulk actions directly from the filter panel, streamlining your workflow and saving you valuable time.


We’re excited about how these updates can significantly enhance your experience with Leadpipes, making your real estate lead searches more efficient and intuitive. The new interface is designed with your needs in mind, ensuring that you can find and act on the best leads quickly and easily. 

Log in to see the new Leadpipes User Interface today and transform the way you generate investor leads!

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Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with the new features. We’re here to help you succeed!