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How To Invest In Real Estate

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10 Online Real Estate Investment Resources

There are a ton of sites that investors use for finding good investing deals online but, just like everything else, some are good and some are not-so-good.

These are the ones that we recommend. 

CROWDFUNDING - Realtymogul is one of the new breed of crowd-based funding sites for real estate investors. Jump on the site and you’ll have the option of investing your money or raising capital. Select the raising capital option takes you through a series of simple questions about the project you’re working on.

Realtymogul may be worth a serious look from investors looking for alternative private lending options. Realtymogul is just one of many sites that have been popping up over the last 2 years since the government made REI crowdfunding more accessible. and may also be worth checking out.

ONLINE REAL ESTATE AUCTIONS - Hubzu in an online auction site for buying and selling property (although the emphasis on the site itself is definitely buying). Properties of all types are available from traditional sales to foreclosures/bank owned, etc. Auctions are held in real time and once you secure a property, you and the seller are connected to execute the transaction. Hubzu is rapidly expanding. We found plenty of inventory on the zip codes we looked at so if you don't find what you are looking for today, keep checking back. If you like the idea of bidding online for properties, but don’t find what you are looking for at Hubzu, you might also check out and - Want to buy former Coast Guard housing from the federal government? This site might be exactly what you are looking for. offers the opportunity to bid on real estate Uncle Sam no longer needs as well as a wide range of other inventory from boats to NASA Shuttle parts (although there were none available at the time of writing). This site is not the fastest, nor the most well stocked with inventory, but it does offer some potential deals you won’t find anywhere else.

PROPERTY LISTS covers numerous metro areas in the US and lists properties directly targeting real estate investors. Many of the properties listed are being sold by other investors. In order to make it onto this site, each property must have adequate potential for the buyer to make a profit. For instance, the site states that “wholesale deals must have room for at least a $15,000 profit for it to be listed here.” If you are looking for inventory and are located in one of their markets, you may find some solid opportunities.

COMPING ENGINE - Flipcomp is a paid service offering investors the ability to find retail and distressed properties. Flipcomp offers some very interesting comping and investment tools geared directly towards investors.


Looking to refine your game? and are two market data sites that offer access to mountains of real estate related data (albeit for a fee). The information Corelogic can provide is certainly impressive and includes:

  • More than 147 million property records representing approximately 99.8 percent of the U.S. population
  • More than 93 million mortgage applications*
  • More than 2 million active property listings licensed from multiple listing services
  • More than 99 percent of all U.S. county, municipal, and special tax jurisdictions tax records
  • Historical data on more than 795 million real estate transactions
  • Tax payment history on more than 128 million parcels
  • Approximately 350 million criminal records representing defendant, alias, offense and disposition details
  • Approximately 23 million active tenant /landlord records representing approximately 70 percent of the rental market
  • More than 25 million credit reports provided per year
  • National flood data coverage

These sites will not appeal to beginner investors, but may deliver a good deal of value to established operations looking to up their game.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us which real estate investing oriented web sites you hit up the most…