Real Estate Investing Lifecycle

The 11 steps needed to successfully complete a real estate investing transaction. 

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Most real estate investors spend countless hours each week doing almost meaningless, non-revenue generating activities. The time you spend focused on "The Real Estate Investing Lifecycle" will yield much greater results as these 11 steps are "revenue generating activities".

Step 1 - Generate Property Leads

Description: Create front end marketing funnels to attract motivated sellers and properties. 

Tools: Websites, Power Matching, Leadpipes, Direct Mail Engine, Moby, Email Engine


Step 2 - Pre-Qualify Leads

Description: Gather information from seller or listing agent, pull comparable sales, and perform desktop evaluation. 

Tools: Realeflow Comp Engine, FlipComp, CRM, Lead Manager


Step 3 - Inspect Property

Description: Inspect property and estimate repairs needed; Analyze location, practicality, and updating requirements. 

Tools: Repair Estimator


Step 4 - Analyze Profit

Description: Analyze the deal's potential profit using different buying and selling scenarios. 

Tools: Deal Analyzer, Repair Estimator, FlipComp


Step 5 - Make Offers

Description: Make offer to the seller or listing agent and sign contracts. 

Tools: Paperless Office, Short Sale Package Generator, Smoothfax


Step 6 - Arrange Funding

Description: Line up funding for the deal using private money or more traditional methods (banks or your own cash).

Tools: Private Lender Websites, Private Lender Leads


Step 7 - Purchase Property

Description: Open and Close escrow with title company/attorney and take ownership of property. 

Tools: Power Linking, CRM


Step 8 - Rehab Property

Description: Complete the rehab yourself or manage the rehab process on the property. 

Tools: CRM, Rehab Planner, Expense Tracker, Smoothfax


Step 9 - Generate Buyer/Renter Leads

Description: Create back end marketing funnels to attract motivated buyers or renters. 

Tools: Power Matching, Leadpipes, Websites, Direct Mail Engine, Moby, Sellpoint Listing Pages, Email Engine


Step 10 - Sell or Rent Property

Description: Negotiate offers with buyers or renters and sign contracts. 

Tools: Paperless Office, Workflow Manager


Step 11 - Close or Manage

Description: Open and close escrow with title company/attorney OR start the Property Management Lifecycle.

Tools: Power Linking, Smoothfax, CRM



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