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Using Interest Targeting To Build Your Buyers List With Facebook

Did you know that you can also build your buyers list directly through Facebook?


Last week’s episode of Flipping Facebook covered the best campaign objectives for targeting seller and buyer leads on Facebook

On today’s episode of Flipping Facebook, Realeflow’s resident Facebook and Paid Traffic expert, Derek Gales, dives into the targeting options available to build your buyers list through Facebook. 

Whether you're looking for buyers or sellers, you need to set your targeting up right to be able to find the types of leads that you're looking for. 

Steps to take when setting up your targeting: 

  1. Identify your investing area and select people who live in the location

  2. Begin identifying interests that relate to potential buyers, including life events like recently married, new parents, or retirement 

  3. Check the insights that Facebook gives you to see how large your audience is, which will help with budgeting

When you use the technology and tools at your disposal, we think you'll find that it's easier than you think to build lists of targeted leads for your investing business. 

Next week's training will focus on how to find reliable contractors for your rehab projects. 

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