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The Secret To Unlocking Free Advertising On Facebook

Do you want to unlock free advertising on Facebook?



In previous episodes of Flipping Facebook we covered different paid strategies for getting motivated sellers, buyers, and potential business associates to help build your lists.

Today’s episode of Flipping Facebook covers free strategies that you can use to organically increase awareness of your business and its offerings.

These strategies are designed to get people engaged with, and sharing, the valuable content that you and your team are working so hard to create.

Getting people to engage with, and share, your content is like free advertising for your business.

But how do you get people to like and share what you create? 

First, you need to create content that matters to the people who will be seeing it.

You want to create content around topics that people will find informative and will be excited to share with their audience.

Watch the video to get a look at some of the content that we successfully use on our Realeflow page.

According to a New York Times study on the Psychology of Sharing, researchers discovered that 94% of people who share a post do so because they think it will be helpful to other people in their network.

So if you're ready to start creating content that people want to share, check out these...

5 Tips For Creating Shareable Awesome Content

1. Always include the Facebook Share Widget
This is so people reading your content can easily share it with other people, including those who are not on Facebook. 

2. Make sure the content is useful to your audience
Make sure the content that you’re putting out is something that your audience can take away and actionably execute on. 

3. Always include a video or image with your post
This makes your content more eye-catching and more engaging. 

4. Use relevant, eye-catching keywords
Make sure you capture people’s attention as soon as they see your post. 

5. Ask people to tag others
Ask people to recommend friends who would enjoy the content through tagging or commenting. 

Many of our investors post quick videos of themselves asking for help looking for homes to buy in their area, and are always surprised at how much engagement they receive from people in their community who want to help. And they do this all for free.

This is just one of the many pieces of the Facebook puzzle.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can effectively engage on Facebook, check out our Facebook Marketing Masterclass course for everything that you need to know about how to dominate Facebook.

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