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REI Roundtable: The New Way To Wholesale

Looking for a new way to wholesale and build your business?

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Today’s guest is one of real estate’s hottest (and youngest) new talents to break onto the scene in over a decade.

Not even 30 years old, Raphael Vargas started with a bank account in the negative before strategically building a 7-figure business that is set to shatter records.

Today, he’s sitting down with Rob “The House Guy” to show you how to bootstrap your own real estate investing business from the ground up… no matter your experience level or financial situation…

Our guest expert reveals…

  • No Risk, All Reward: How you can use a battle tested “No-Risk Strategy” to find qualified leads, secure contracts, and close deals, fast!

  • Fear Factor: Our guest’s daily mindset hack that every real estate investor needs to adopt to escape hardships, gain momentum, and build an investing business that can weather any storm.

  • Right People, Right Process - If you’re hiring your first team members, then you’ll want to arm them with these specific tools. (most growing real estate investors miss this step and pay for it later…)

  • Transaction Coordinator: How this position boosts a new real estate investing business by accurately auditing calls and tracking closings. Hint: hire someone in this position, asap!

  • Start The Clock: Copy this strategy to train your cold call team to get a property owner interested and get it under contract in under 7 minutes << you need to hear this if you want results…

  • Similar Housing Pricing Strategy: Want a quick and dirty rule of thumb trick for pricing? Targeting zip codes with cookie cutter style homes might be a fast solution.

  • Target on Assignment: How much our guest expert expects to earn on each contract (and the bare minimum to accept before you say no and walk away…)

  • Brilliant Strategy #1: Our guest expert tells you why to consider using a different title company in each market.

  • Brilliant Strategy #2: Why you should use a “runner” in each market to facilitate your inspections.

  • Don’t Burn Your List! How to mail your list every day and keep them interested… (preventing list burn out is crucial for your business!)

  • And much, much more…

One of the biggest reasons new real estate investors don’t get started today is because they are convinced that they’re too old, too young, or too far behind.

Today’s guest completely shatters that myth by revealing his painful story, his startup setbacks, and the exact steps that he took to build a 7-figure business that now employs 25 people… All without any previous real estate experience.

Pay close attention to the insights on this episode. You could find that one piece of information here that changes everything for you.

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