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The Importance of Having a Good Title Company

Investor Jenna Hoover takes us through her latest rehab project that she got under contract and introduces us to her newest team member.

Jenna bought this property from another real estate investor that was unable to finish the rehab on the property due to health reasons. It was a fire damaged property that he had bought and started renovations on. This is an all too common scenario, investors not being able to finish a project due to health, finances, time, etc.

She found this property using the digital bandit sign concept. That is pulling a list of properties from Realeflow Leadpipes and then uploading and targeting those leads inside of Facebook. This is a great way to position yourself as a local market expert and attract leads of all types.

After she received a message from the investor, she started her due diligence process and that's when she learned there was a shadow title on the property that the first investor had missed. This shows the importance of having a reputable title company on your side that can find and work with you to take care of these issues before they affect your bottom line. 

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Jenna Testimonial ImageJenna Hoover
Jenna Buys Houses, LLC
Connellsville, PA

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