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Tax Credits For Flips: Restoring Historic Homes And Profiting From Them

Do you fear taking on historic property rehabs because of the many rules and regulations that go along with them? 

Fear no more... Seasoned real estate investor, JoAnna Anderson, shares the benefits of rehabbing historic properties and how to work with the state to reduce your repair costs on these specific deals. 


In this quick video you’re also going to discover…


  • How JoAnna got the state to pay for part of her rehab costs on her most memorable historic property to date
  • How and why it is so important (and so easy!) to properly document repairs, especially when it comes to historic properties
  • Why historic properties are more than just a profit check
  • And much much more!

If you have historic properties in your market and you’re interested in flipping houses in 2019 … Realeflow can help you!  

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