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Targeting The Most Reliable Contractors In Your Area On Facebook

Having trouble finding a list of reliable contractors?

Facebook can help.


Last week's episode of Flipping Facebook talked about how easy it can be to target the right buyers and sellers for your business using Facebook’s interest targeting.

In today’s episode of Flipping Facebook, Realeflow’s Derek Gales shares why Facebook isn’t just a great place for generating buyer and seller leads.

You’ll see why it’s also a great place to post job openings when you’re looking for contractors, electricians, or even staging help with your rehabs.

Facebook's detailed targeting gives you the ability to target at least one interest.

By narrowing your audience, you can match two interests such as “looking for work” and “construction” to find the best people for the job in your area.

Make sure to watch the whole video to see a sample ad for a contractor.

We always suggest doing experiments with your testing because there are so many options available to you with Facebook targeting.

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