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How To Talk To Private Lenders

By Jenna Hoover

Private Lenders In Real Estate

We have all heard the real estate gurus talk about the term “OPM,”..

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How To Fund Your Real Estate Deals With Private Lenders

By Greg Clement

Table Of Contents

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REI Roundtable Podcast: The Future Of The Market

By Realeflow Team

Is it just me, or are we not talking enough about private lending? Not Realeflow, of course…

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How To Make Your Real Estate Dreams Become A Reality

By Realeflow Team

Do you want to get started in real estate investing, but don't feel like it's the right time?  


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Creative Investing Outside Of Your Local Market

By Realeflow Team

Are you interested in real estate investing outside of your local  market, but aren't sure how or..

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The Bank Should Be Your LAST Stop (You DON'T Need Them)

By Greg Clement

You want to buy a house.

What’s the first thing you do?

Get Pre-Approved For A Mortgage?


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