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22 Incredible Upgrades to Realeflow This Month


Check out the new and improved Leadpipes and Websites!

And a few other improvements that you asked for… 

We’re upgrading Realeflow this month in a huge way with 22 incredible product enhancements. We’re super excited about all the new functionality and we think you will be too!

  These big improvements to Leadpipes and Websites have resulted in better functionality, usability, and speed. It looks great and works even better!



Easier Viewing and More Powerful Lead Searches



We all absorb information differently, and those who enjoy gathering information visually are going to love this.

The new dashboard in Leadpipes gives users an overview of the number of leads in their state, broken down by each Leadpipe type. Users can also click on each Leadpipe type for a brief description. The new dashboard looks great and makes it easy to see in a glance the number an types of leads in their area.

Better Searching and Filtering Means Better Results

We have optimized the “Search” function to improve speed and results. To accomplish this, we have moved to a Basic and Advanced Search process in order to deliver the best results to our customers.

Users start their search using Sale Date, State, and County, and can then get very granular in how those results are further filtered using the Advanced Search function.

One of the most exciting updates to Leadpipes is the map view, which shows users where each lead is located on a map, as well as a street view of each property. Each lead includes contact info, property info, building materials, and transaction history.


Users can also save leads to their contacts and properties from this screen with a single click.

We’re all about simplicity and power.

BONUS for all Basic and Pro users!

Basic and Pro get 100 additional leads per month of any combination of Leadpipe types. Users can unlock all 100 bonus leads from 1 Leadpipe or unlock a combination of leads from several Leadpipe types. (*Team has unlimited leads with all Leadpipes included)



New Website Designs, Optimized For Better Performance


We have recently added the following to enhance your experience using our websites: • 6 new squeeze page designs • 1 new Core website design • New Welcome gates on Core Sites designed to increase opt ins • New Exit Pops on Core Sites and Squeeze Pages designed to increase opt ins • New optimized opt in forms for Core Websites

Core sites now have multi-step autoresponders with eBooks attached to the corresponding autoresponder ◦ Autoresponders can now be modified in the website editor, making adapting content to fit your business easier than ever

New domain extensions are also available for purchase in the website setup process: ◦ .house ◦ .property ◦ .properties ◦ .solutions • We have also added the ability to add buyer pages to all content pack types, including seller content packs



Activity Feed and Followers


Notes has morphed into so much more than just notes. It’s a place where the conversation around a contact or property resides for better team communication and full documentation of the process from start to finish for every lead or deal.


Here’s what’s new: 

Drag and Drop

You can now drag and drop photos and documents into the activity feed that automatically get added into the photos and documents section and stored in the thread. Just like before, the Activity Thread is not editable and activity cannot be deleted.


You can now add followers to property and contact files so they can stay in the loop with major updates. Followers are notified whenever someone:

◦ Makes a major stage or status change

◦ Uploads or deletes a photo or document 

◦ Adds a new note

• @tag users in the notes box to tie them to that property and bring them into the conversation

• We have also improved formatting functionality for entering notes

Email Signatures

You asked for it, we added it - Email signatures!

Users can now set up default email signatures that will automatically attach to all outgoing email messages.


If you have any questions about these updates, please contact us by email at or by phone at 855-545-2095.

Also, please leave a comment below and let us know what you like best about these new updates. We would love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for more upcoming updates! We are always working hard to improve our software to best fit our users’ needs.