Larry Else has got a deal for you! You can pick up a three bedroom, one-and-a-half bathroom colonial located on Detroit’s East Side for an iPhone 6. It’s not clear if you need to part with a brand new, unopened unit or the one currently bending in your pocket. 

The Michigan realtor told Detroit’s Fox 2, “It’s a real listing… my client is overseas and he told me he would be willing to trade the property for an iPhone 6. It sounds to me like he wants the (iPhone 6+) version, but I think he’s willing to negotiate.”

The property is located at 11954 Laing St, Detroit, MI 48224. Zillow is currently displaying a remarkably optimistic Zestimate of $49K on this residence and lists a ceiling fan and wiring as “features.”

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Interestingly, the home owner has already declined one investor’s offer of a palette load of new Blackberry handsets.*

QUESTION: What would you offer on this home? 

*this is not true. 

**at the time of posting, the seller is reviewing a cash offer