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How To Invest In Real Estate

Your Guide to Personal & Financial Freedom Through Real Estate

REI Roundtable: The New Way To Wholesale

By Realeflow Team

Looking for a new way to wholesale and build your business?

Watch the brand new episode of REI..

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REI Roundtable Season 2 Premiere: From Surviving To Thriving

By Realeflow Team

What does it take to turn your first real estate transaction into a thriving business?

Watch the..

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REI Roundtable - The NEW Podcast Where Real Estate Investors Get Real

By Realeflow Team

Sponsored by Realeflow, REI Roundtable is hosted by renowned Real Estate Investor Rob “The House..

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November Updates: Notification Control and Direct Mail Efficiency

By Jason Kolodziej

As the year draws to a close, the month of November is when we like to stop and give thanks for..

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Artificial Intelligence: How It’s Changing The Face Of Real Estate Investing

By Tracey Tobias

Can Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning really help real estate investors scale their..

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October Updates: Leadpipes And Leadpipes Ai

By Jason Kolodziej

It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, that reaps a harvest in the..

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Quick Tips 9: Funding Your Next Deal With Realeflow

By Realeflow Team

Realeflow has recently partnered with Triumph Capital, which now allows our users to apply for..

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REI Roundtable Episode 10: Landlord Of War

By Realeflow Team

Should you hire a professional property management team or take all the tenant problems on..

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REI Roundtable Episode 9: The Contractor & The Investor: A Love Story

By Realeflow Team

Who wins when a real estate investor and a real estate contractor don't see eye to eye? 


Tags: Rehab Property, REI Roundtable, Flipping, New Investors

REI Roundtable Episode 8: Investor vs. Real Estate Agent

By Realeflow Team

What happens when an unlicensed real estate investor and a by-the-books agent come face-to-face..

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REI Roundtable Episode 7: When Is It Time To Lawyer Up?

By Realeflow Team

In this exciting new episode, Rob “The House Guy” sits down with a veteran real estate attorney..

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August Updates: New Data Export Option and… Something Big Is Cooking…

By Jason Kolodziej

As we enter August, we head into the dog days of summer. Before the warm summer nights give way..

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