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The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals For Real Estate Investors!

By Realeflow Team

Amazon Prime Day is here! That means a lot of those little 'nice to have' items that you've been..

Realeflow Update: Onboarding

By Melissa Stockton

If you have a Realeflow account or know someone who does, our guess would be that you have..

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8 Direct Mail Hacks That Boost Responses And Save You Money

By Realeflow Team

Direct mail can be one of the most effective real estate lead generation strategies out there,..

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How To Evict Someone And What To Do After

By Realeflow Team

Jenna recently went through the eviction process on one of her properties and learned a lot. She..

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Acquiring Properties Virtually Through Craigslist

By Realeflow Team
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How to Talk to Potential Private Lenders

By Jenna Hoover

We have all heard the real estate gurus talk about the term “OPM,” Other People’s Money.  ..

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Realeflow Update: Drag & Drop Documents

By Austin Hale

If you've used Realeflow to manage your important documents in the past, you've probably been..

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The Importance of Having a Good Title Company

By Realeflow Team
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What is a Cloud on Title?

By Realeflow Team

A cloud on title is any lien, mortgage, or judgment on the property that is unreleased and could..

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The Top 3-Ways Jenna Finds Over 27 Deals A Year.

By Realeflow Team

In this video, investor Jenna Hoover shares her top 3 ways to find motivated seller leads in her..

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New Leadpipe Tags Added to FlipComp

By Austin Hale

If you were logged in to FlipComp yesterday, you might have noticed a new feature we rolled out:..

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From Code Violation to Gem of the Neighborhood

By Realeflow Team
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