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How To Invest In Real Estate

Your Guide to Personal & Financial Freedom Through Real Estate

8 Steps To Investing In Long Term Rental Properties

By Jason Kolodziej

Investors have been talking about the pros and cons of long-term rentals for a long time. Some..

The 3 Most Common Types Of Real Estate Taxes: Explained

By Danny Sobek

Taxes will come up again and again as you grow as a real estate investor and learn more about how..

How To Maximize Long Term Rentals Occupancy (& Revenue)

By Tracey Tobias

Alright! You’ve got the property - now it’s time to turn it into a profitable business. And to do..

7 Key Team Members You Need For Your REI Team

By Greg Clement

You see it happen every day. A hotheaded real estate investor scores a good deal and they think..

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A Letter To New Investors: Keeping Vacancy Down

By Greg Clement


Tags: New Investors

8 Questions To Answer Before You Diversify Your Real Estate Portfolio

By Tracey Tobias

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already into the real estate investing game. And you’re..

5 Hacks To Avoid Capital Gains Tax In Real Estate

By Jason Kolodziej

As any real estate investor with years in the game will tell you, every penny counts when you're..

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Virtual Assistant Real Estate Cold Calling

By Derek Gales

As a real estate investing team, you're always looking for motivated seller leads to add to your..

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5 Real Estate Investing Terms Every New Investor Should Know

By Greg Clement

The last thing you need as a budding real estate investor is for word to get out that you’re new,..

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11 Things To Know About Wholesaling Property

By Jenna Hoover

What if there was a way to start investing in real estate with no initial capital?You'd tell me I'm..

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The 12 Best Alternatives To AirBnb & How They’re Different

By Jason Kolodziej

Maybe you’re looking for alternatives to AirBnb to list your property in more locations. Maybe..

5 Questions To Ask Before Investing In Short Term Rentals

By Danny Sobek

The age-old issue of "short term vs. long term" rental investments rages on among real estate..