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Overcoming The No Experience Hurdle To Succeed In Real Estate

Do you feel insecure when talking to experienced people in the real estate investing world?


For seasoned investors who have bought and sold hundreds of homes, or even one home, confidence comes easy. They stand in front of buyers, sellers, contractors, private lenders, and more, and never miss a beat. 

This comes from experience, but there are a couple ways that you can blast through insecurity to stand before everyone in real estate with confidence, even if you've never done a deal. 

Positioning Yourself

It's all about positioning yourself. When you position yourself in a certain way with people, you speak with confidence. You start to script yourself without sounding scripted. This, in-turn, makes things a little easier.

You also have to show that you are an authority and are able to help them in their situation. The basic question that you're trying to answer is "What's In It For Me?"


WIIFM is the favorite "radio station" that everyone tunes in to when you're talking to them. 

This is true of sellers, buyers, real estate agents, contractors, private lenders, and anyone else that you come across in real estate. They are all trying to answer that one golden question, "what's in it for me?"  You need to be able to show them how what you're doing can benefit them. 


  • Sellers want to know if you can buy their house.  They want to know why they should accept your offer, whether they should list their house, and if moving is the right answer to their problems.

  • Private lenders want to know what return they would get on their investment, what kinds of systems and processes you have in place to be able to deliver that return, and, maybe most importantly, they need to determine if they like you as a person. 

  • Real estate agents want to know if they are going to be able to list any  of your properties, and if you might be able to send them leads that are retail sellers and in need of their types of services. 

When you're standing in a seller's kitchen, or meeting with a potential private lender at a restaurant, keep in mind that they are trying to process a lot of information in that one meeting. Not all that information can always be given or digested in those short meetings. 

That's where having a Credibility Kit comes in. 

Credibility Kit

A Credibility Kit is an educational marketing piece that you leave with people you come across in your real estate business. It looks a little different for each of the different types of people you will interact with, but it essentially gives the same information...

1. Who  you are, and...

2. What's in it for them 

It gives you talking points and gives them something to take away and review further. It is not a script, but more of a reinforcement of what you've said and a reminder of what you talked about.  

You can get a copy of our Private Lender Credibility Kit in our Real Estate Investing Toolkit. 

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