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November Updates: Notification Control and Direct Mail Efficiency

As the year draws to a close, the month of November is when we like to stop and give thanks for all the blessings of the year... a Thanksgiving, if you will. 

In this update, we’re saying Thanks for being a Realeflow User by serving up a couple of updates that will be Giving you more control of your notifications, and increasing the efficiency of your Direct Mail Campaigns.


Thanksgiving is a time to get stuffed on turkey that, in most cases, is itself stuffed with delicious stuffing. 🦃

However, nobody likes a crowded inbox stuffed with emails about stuff that they don’t really care about.

I think you would agree that, in order to be more efficient, we could all stand to cut down on the clutter inside our inbox on a daily basis.

No offense to those people curing various physical ailments out there, I’m sure the medical community could benefit greatly from your findings and/or products...

But unlike that “miracle fat buster” email, our first update will help you trim the fat, while still giving you all the fixins’.


Now Realeflow users will have complete control over WHAT notifications they receive, as well as HOW they receive them.

First the WHAT.

We’ve added a new and improved notification page in the user’s profile that will allow them to decide what types of notifications they want to receive.

This will allow for a more efficient workflow with your team, and will ensure that any email notifications generated by Realeflow will be relevant to each team member.

NEW Notifications_Edit

(Realeflow - Notifications) 

Now here’s the really cool part… the HOW.


You can now opt in to receive SMS Text Notifications.

With this JUICY update, you can be notified on your mobile phone as soon as you get a new lead and, with a simple click of a button, you can call them right away.


(Realeflow - Mobile Notifications and Calling) 

All you need to do is add a mobile contact number to your account info, verify it, and you’re done.


(Realeflow - Mobile Verification)

You’re now ready to get text notifications… and the rest is GRAVY. 


You can now add a personal touch to your account with the addition of the Profile Picture. 


(Realeflow - Profile Picture)


Feast your eyes on this…

We’ve added the ability to remove duplicate leads in the "My Leads" drawer when initiating a Direct Mail Campaign.

In the past, a direct mail list could have multiple properties owned by the same individual, but did not differentiate this when creating a campaign. Thus, homeowner "Joe Smith" could receive 12 different mail pieces for the 12 different homes he owns.

Now, you have the option to send one mail piece out to that individual, saving you time and money.

Simply select the newly added “Remove Duplicates” checkbox in the “Add To Campaign” modal window. This will filter out duplicate contacts and increase the efficiency of your Direct Mail Campaign.


(Realeflow - Remove Duplicates)

Well, that does it for now. I’ll be back next month to tell you about some great updates that we’ll be rolling out in December.

In the meantime, if you have any ideas about things that you’d like to see implemented in Realeflow, you can email us at

Happy Investing!

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