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October Updates: Leadpipes And Leadpipes Ai

It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, that reaps a harvest in the fall.

Well, here at Realeflow, we’ve been sowing the seeds for Leadpipes Ai all year and now YOU can reap the rewards.


Leadpipes Ai is finally here and its impact will be felt in every facet of the real estate industry.

Using THE most advanced tool we’ve ever created, real estate brokers, agents, and investors will now be able to utilize Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to uncover the highest quality leads for their business.

But before I unveil it to you…

Something else happened…


As we were creating Leadpipes Ai, we also implemented some big updates to our existing Leadpipes tool that make it easier to navigate and simpler to use.

This new Leadpipes design should crop the time you spend finding and creating your lists of leads.

The first thing you’ll notice is a much simpler interface. We cleaned up and condensed sections like the glossary and the FAQ, and placed your saved searches front and center for easy access.

New Search Interface

(Realeflow - Leadpipes User Interface) 

The biggest change we made was to the search function. In the past, you would have to search a single location such as a county, city, zip code, or single address.

Then you would select the lead type in the next step.

With this new beefed up search bar, you can now execute a multi-location search, allowing you to cast a wider net when building your lead lists.

After you’ve selected the areas that you want to search, you can also use additional search criteria like Lead Type, Owner Type and Property Type to further target your search results.

You’ll also notice that we added a “?” next to each lead type so that, at a glance, you can get more information about each lead type.


(Realeflow - Leadpipes New Lead Info)

When you’re ready to execute your search, you’ll notice that the Advanced Search Filters are much more visible in their new location across the top. This allows you to change fields and search criteria without having to navigate back in your browser. If you decide that you want to add another location to your search, you can do so with ease.

Make sure to watch the video on this page to get all the details, including our new property details page, which delivers all the information you need in a much cleaner format.


(Realeflow - New Property Details)


Now, allow us to introduce you to Leadpipes Ai.

At the heart of Leadpipes Ai is what we call the Sellability Index.

The Sellability Index is a property scoring system, coded right inside the Leadpipes Ai software, that uses Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning to assign a score next to each property. That score represents the propensity that the property will sell within the next 90 days.


Now, standardized scoring systems are nothing new.

We’re all familiar with Credit Scores and SAT Scores.

However, using a scoring system that identifies which single family homes have the propensity to sell in the near future is not only new … it’s revolutionary.

The Sellability Index uses millions of ongoing data permutations, and the last 40 years of real estate transactions across the country, to score every single family home 3 different ways, with each score ranging from 0-1000.

The higher the scores, the higher the propensity that the property will sell in the next 90 days.

Those 3 scores are…

1.) The Retail Score
2.) The Rental Score, and…
3.) The Wholesale Score

The Retail Score indicates the propensity that a property will sell within the next 90 days. This information is extremely helpful for real estate investors and even agents looking for new opportunities for their business. Investors who have a real estate license, a partnership with an agent, or any other way to monetize a traditional real estate transaction will find tremendous value in the retail scored leads

The Rental Score indicates the propensity that a property will sell to a real estate investor within the next 90 days. Based on the results of our genetic algorithm, these properties show the data footprint of a property that will be owned by a real estate investor, making this score an ideal tool for any serious investor looking to add more rental properties to their investment portfolio.

And, finally, the Wholesale Score reveals the propensity of a property to sell below market value in the next 90 days. Having “inside-knowledge” on which properties in your area are more likely to sell at a discount is the ultimate advantage for real estate investors, wholesalers, fix & flippers, landlords, or any serious buyer looking to buy a piece of real estate below market value.

For the first time ever, you’re now able to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to filter thousands of data points for every single family home in any real estate market you want to buy property in, identify which properties have the highest propensity to sell within the next 90 days, and communicate only to those property owners in your marketing…

…cutting your marketing costs and increasing your ROI dramatically.

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 10.45.48 AM

So, if you want to see exactly how you can use artificial intelligence and machine learning to find scored leads in your target market and grow your real estate investing business faster, then it’s important that you claim your zip codes before they’re sold out…

For as low as $50 per month, you can purchase coverage for any number of zip codes across the country, uncovering the Ai generated score next to each single-family property in that area. You will then be able to filter the leads based on their propensity to sell, giving you the ability to move from mass marketing to more effective and highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Ready to launch your business into the future?

Get started here with Leadpipes Ai.

If you have any suggestions or feature ideas, please send them over to us at

Happy investing!

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