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June Updates: NEW! Direct Mail Engine And File Previews

We’re just putting the finishing touches on Realeflow’s all new, totally rebuilt, Direct Mail Engine.

In today’s update video, we’re going to be showing you what’s under the hood of the new Direct Mail Engine, plus we’ll check out a nifty little update for previewing your files.


Here at Realeflow, we are always on a mission to be better... for YOU.


The all new Direct Mail Engine within Realeflow is a real beaut’.

This baby will give you the speed of a bored out 426 Hemi to get you where you want to go faster than ever before, while still offering the economy of a hybrid so it doesn’t cost much to run.

Toss in the sickest GPS money can buy and the sleekest dashboard to date.

Does this sound good?

Let me give you the specs…


Our new Direct Mail Engine cuts direct mail campaign costs almost in half!

In the past, a 4x6 postcard would have cost you $0.59 a piece to send. So sending to 500 leads would have cost you $295.

Now, in the NEW Direct Mail Engine, that same 4x6 postcard will only cost you $0.35 a piece. So to send to the same 500 would only cost you $175... a savings of $120!

I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me revved up like saving money.

We’ve also added more sizes to the available postcards.

Now you can send 6x9 postcards for $0.59 a piece, as well as the jumbo 6x11 for only $0.65 a piece.

You’ll also see some great looking new designs that you can choose from.

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 5.35.59 PM

(Direct Mail Engine - Realeflow )

Remember, there aren’t any minimums and first class postage is always included in the price!

Sending our handwritten font letters has also gotten more affordable. 

In the past, depending on the size, you would’ve paid anywhere from $1.19 to $1.49 per letter. Now, all of our handwritten font letters are only $0.79 a piece - with first class postage included.


We’ve added the ability to track each piece of mail in your Direct Mail campaigns across three stages… In Production, In Transit, and Processed for Delivery.

Additionally, you’ll have the option to track your ROI by using, or purchasing, Campaign Specific Tracking Phone Numbers.


(Direct Mail Tracking - Realeflow )


We’ve also increased the overall speed of delivery.

In the past, depending on when you ordered your campaign, it could have taken weeks to nearly a month to deliver your direct mail pieces.

Now, from the time you click submit, your direct mail pieces are delivered to the mailbox within 4-6 days. 

Speed-01😎USABILITY 😎

We added functionality allowing you to take more control of your creatives. Now, you can easily upload your own background image and add you own copy, or upload your own pre-designed creative.

All this is wrapped up in an easier to use interface, making it much more user friendly for you. 

Make sure you watch the entire video above for a walkthrough of what you can expect in the new Direct Mail Engine.


Earlier this month, we added the ability to preview some of your document files inside of Realeflow.

Before this change, clicking on one of your files inside of the documents area would auto-download the file to your computer.

This (understandably) caused some frustration for users.

Now, all .html, .pdf, .png, and .jpg files will open up as a preview in a new tab when clicked.

There are a couple of files that users are not able to preview, mainly .doc & .xlsx files. These files can still be downloaded, like any other file, using the download icon.


(File Preview - Realeflow)


We will also be premiering a new content video series this month called REI Roundtable. Watch the trailer here👇

That covers the exciting new updates that will be available in Realeflow in June!

As your technology partners, we’re always happy to assist you in any way that we can.
If you have any suggestions or feature ideas, shoot them over to us at

Happy Investing!

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