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July Updates: Direct Mail Tracking, Leadpipes Export Limit Increase, And More Mobile!

It’s July… A month in which we honor the stars and stripes 🗽 and enjoy cookouts on warm summer days with family and friends. 

Well, here at Realeflow, we’ve cooked up a few updates that are sure to have you seeing stars. This month we continue to optimize our platform to make it easier for you to obtain your financial independence through Real Estate Investing.


Last month we rolled out our brand new, rebuilt, Direct Mail engine that makes it easier to create your campaigns, offers faster delivery times, gives you more control over your creatives, and introduces tracking to your campaigns.

The best part?

Despite all of this increased performance, it actually costs less to run a direct mail campaign.

You can say it caused a revolution in the industry.


Well, this first firecracker of an update allows you to track your ROI on your direct mail campaigns so, at a glance, you can see how each campaign performs.

We took the liberty of adding Tracking Number Analytics to the Analytics Page in the Direct Mail Engine.

It all starts with the Tracking Number. This is the specific phone number that you assign to a campaign as the contact number that appears on the mail piece that you’re sending out.

Any calls or text to this number will be forwarded to the phone number of your choosing… Your cellphone, for example.

Once the calls and texts start coming in, you simply go to:

LEADFLOW --> DIRECT MAIL  --> and select the individual campaign that you want to review.

That’s where you can find campaign details, the status of the campaign, cost, and the newly added Tracking Number Analytics.

You’ll see the tracking number along with the total number of campaigns using it, the total texts, the total calls, as well as the number it is forwarding to.

Please note: If you attach one Tracking Phone Number to multiple campaigns, there’s no way to differentiate the responses between those campaigns. If you want true visibility into the performance of each campaign, then you need to use one unique Tracking Phone Number per campaign.

Tracking number analytics

(Tracking Number Analytics - Realeflow )


This next update will provide more detail into Direct Mail address errors so that you can update your lists accordingly.

If any addresses come back as unverified once you’ve submitted a campaign, the campaign dashboard shows the number of errors, and you are automatically refunded for those mailers.

With this new update, you’ll now see a yellow message above the campaign.

This will alert you to the number of addresses that we were unable to verify.

Selecting "learn more" will allow you to see a list of those addresses. The addresses will also show up in the recipient list in a very light grey color.

This will give you the chance to update your database with correct addresses before sending out another campaign.

Error 2_Blur

(Direct Mail Address Errors - Realeflow )


Next up, a small update with BIG implications.

We’ve increased the Leadpipes default export limit from 1,000 to 5,000 leads.

Now you can grab more of the over 17 lead types that we provide in Realeflow. Creating bigger targeted list allows you to cast a wider net and drive more leads to your business.


This next update is a real dandy. You might even call it a Yankee Doodle Dandy of an update.

We’ve been adding mobile functionality to the tools within Realeflow all year, and July is no exception.

This month it’s time for Tasks to shine in all their mobile glory.

In the past, tasks never properly scaled down to a mobile device and were hard to use.

Now, everything has been optimized for your mobile device ensuring that you can navigate quickly and efficiently. All the information that you need is front and center on your device.

This new interface will give you the Freedom to manage your tasks on the go. No matter where you are, you’ll have no problem completing the Task At Hand.

Tasks(Tasks Mobile - Realeflow)

Well that does it for this month. I’ll be back next month with more updates as we continue to work to make Realeflow the best tool to start or grow your real estate investing business.

If you have any suggestions or feature ideas, shoot them over to us at

Happy investing!

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