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Investing In Real Estate When You Have No Real Estate Team


Do you ever feel like a quarterback without a team?

Since the mid-'90s, I've been investing in real estate. At that time, I didn't run into a lot of other real estate investors. You know how it is, everyone dreams of doing it, but not many actually do it.

I didn't have a real estate team and I just felt so alone. I didn't have buyers, sellers, contractors, or title companies lined up and I was doing everything myself. 

Then I found this little group called the Real Estate Investors Association, or REIA for short. I started going to these meetings once a month where I found people that I could buy from and sell to and could work on real estate investing deals with. It felt kind of like the Wall Street trading floor.

As great as it was building my network and my team, a new challenge arose.

You see, if you're a dinosaur like me, you remember the mid-'90s, when we had cell phones, but your minutes were limited, except for when you had free nights and weekends, which were limited to after a certain time each day. The internet existed at that time, but I didn't have email or uZip.

Now, with the advances in technology, plentiful Internet, and cell phones that are like mini-computers with unlimited minutes, we've got technology tools for all sorts of things! We have team communication tools, business management tools, faxing tools, deal analysis tools, and more. They've given us too many independent tools to manage our real estate businesses.

Even though I felt like I was drinking through a firehose, I realized that I had to reel myself in and utilize what worked. So I started asking myself, what are the things I should look for when it comes to the tools available to me that will help me grow and manage a real estate investing team?

These are the main things that helped me be successful, that I think you should be looking for when it comes to your business. 

1. Compatibility 

First of all,  you're going to look for compatibility. If you're on a Mac, PC, or mobile device, can everyone on your team, and all the buyers and sellers that you're working with, see it on everything?

This is an important one. You don't want to have to be on a certain device to access information that is critical to your business. If you're out in the field, you need real time access to everything, and so does your team and any outside party involved in the deal. 

2. No Additional Software Needed

Next you have to figure out if anyone will need any special software to open any links that you send out, whether that's trying to sell them a house, or just sending them details about your business.

It has to be simple. You want something that is  all-encompassing, that will help you do your repair estimates, give you comparables, help you keep track of all your leads and deals, and everything else that you need to do to build and grow a real estate investing business.  

You want something so that all of the surrounding ancillary businesses that you deal with, like title companies, attorneys, and appraisers are all in one place.

A Team In Itself

When I narrowed it down to using this one tool, it truly helped me to eliminate unnecessary excess tools and monthly expenses that I was using to manage my business and my growing real estate team. 

That one tool is Realeflow. (Surprise!) 

What I've found is that having Realeflow is like having a team itself. 

There are many tools and functions that constantly run on autopilot in my business. For example, auto responders communicate and cultivate relationships with potential customers without me ever having to sit in front of a computer. Or tools like Moby which builds my buyer and seller lists while I sleep. 

It's like having an employee working for me 24-hours a day. 

That's all in addition to it enabling me to keep all my team members, agents, contractors, title companies, and more all on the same page, on one compatible streamlined system, that they don't have to download or sign up for themselves. 

If you haven't given it a try, here is a 30-day, $10 trial for you...


As with any software or education, nothing works unless you do.

- Rob The House Guy