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How to Become a VIRTUAL Deal Architect, Find Killer Deals & Make Money During a Pandemic

In this webinar, we talk with Eddie Speed from NoteSchool, along with Jeff Watson, to discuss topics relevant to what is happening in the real estate investing industry this very minute and how to get creative so your business doesn’t stall, like so many others have done in recent weeks.

Watch this webinar replay below. 

Or listen to the podcast here. 

You will learn how to create a solution...

  • For your lender (who is hurting right now)
  • For your seller (who is hurting right now)
  • For your buyer (who is hurting right now)

Eddie is going to dig down deep and pull back the curtain on why understanding creative finance and notes will allow you to not just survive, but become the bank and do more deals with less of your own capital on every real estate deal that you do in 2020.

On this special training, Eddie and Jeff cover…

  • How to Become a Deal Architect and THRIVE in and after a Pandemic
  • How to Double Your Profit Without Spending an Extra Dollar on Marketing
  • How to Double Your Success Rate When Making Offers on Properties to Wholesale or Fix & Flip
  • Closing deals that 99% of your competition would never look at
  • Why buying a note can be one of the easiest ways to buy a property at a super discount (if it suits your goals).
  • How buying notes can be an extremely passive investment vehicle – one that eliminates ‘tenants and toilets.’
  • How wholesaling a note for an assignment fee is much easier and much more profitable than wholesaling a house
  • Money Today & Money Tomorrow

The list of benefits goes on and on...

The devil is in the details, as always, so take some time to watch or listen to this special training.

Watch the replay above or listen to the podcast here.

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