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How To Avoid Contractor Errors And Costly Mistakes During Rehabs

Shawn takes us through his "Deck House" in Birmingham, AL to give a quick update and talk about the importance of having a well thought out Scope of Work (SOW) and how communication plays into the process. 

Work is coming along and demo is almost done on Shawn Tiberio's "Deck House" in Birmingham, AL.

This being a remote rehab, Shawn relies heavily on open communication with his business partner and lead general contractor on the ground, as well as a rock solid Scope of Work (SOW) to keep the rehab process moving smoothly. 

Active communication is an essential part of the rehab process to help keep everyone accountable, and to answer any questions up front before assumptions are made and work starts on different projects inside the home. 

Laying out a solid Scope of Work, including all the work that needs to be done and, most importantly, exactly what materials and finishes are going to be used in the home help eliminate a lot of questions, second guessing, and interruption of work. 

Then it's a matter of checking in and making sure each of the items in the Scope of Work are happening in the correct order to keep the whole process running smooth. 

Finally, having dependable and trustworthy contractors on the ground and, most importantly, a great General Contractor to manage everything helps keep it all moving along smoothly. (Check out Shawn's article on how to find and manage great contractors

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Shawn-Tiberio-Above-And-Beyond-Properties-San-DiegoShawn Tiberio
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  • Scope of Work

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Key take aways:

  • There is a specific order of operations to follow in every rehab
  • Detail every item and finish you want installed in the Scope of Work
  • Spend time focusing on finding good contractors upfront 
  • When remote rehabbing, daily communication with your business partner on the ground and your General Contractor is key

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