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Generating Buyer Demand Before The Work Is Done

Jenna never stops marketing herself or her business in her small town in Pennsylvania. In this video, she talks about how marketing and brand awareness generated a "prehab" buyer while she was still in the demo phase of this project. 

This property was part of a local family's estate. There were many personal belongings left behind and they appreciated the high level of care and attention that Jenna had for their family member's possessions. 

This property is an older home with a lot of great woodwork throughout. Jenna intends to refinish some of the woodwork and replace some, depending on what her buyer wants to do with the property. 

The buyer is a friend of hers that follows her work and was looking for a home to work on with her. This turned into what's known as a "prehab" situation. 

Oftentimes, in a prehab, real estate investors start the demo process and rough in a lot of the items in the house. This leaves a blank slate for the end buyer to be able to make some of the decisions about the work that will be done. 

In some cases, investors can work with the buyer to pick out the finishes that they would like them to use. Jenna cautions to make sure to get the property under contract with the buyer before starting too many custom changes that are outside the neutral finishes and more trendy designs that sell well. 

To generate buyer demand like Jenna does, she recommends making sure that you are taking lots of photos and frequently providing updates on your properties. It's a great way to market not only the property, but yourself, as people get to see you actively flipping homes, which leads to credibility. 

One great way to do this is with Facebook live. All you need is a mobile device with an internet connection to go live on your personal or business Facebook page. You can then show them around the property, showcase important things you are doing to the property, and tell them what's next. 

Always make sure to include a Call To Action (CTA) at the end of the live video to get on your buyers list and to follow your Facebook page for more updates on the property. 

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jenna-hoover-jenna-buys-houses-pennsylvaniaJenna Hoover
Jenna Buys Houses; Revamp Realty
Pittsburgh, PA

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Key take aways:

  • Salvage all that you can in rehabs to save money
  • Use a higher grit sandpaper on pine hardwoods to avoid grooves
  • Always be marketing yourself
  • Give status updates as projects progress
  • Continuously build and engage your buyers list
  • Pre-hab a house to do less work up front and give DIY'ers a project
  • Sometimes in older homes, people would put cheaper wood floors in the middle of the room, under rugs, and more expensive "nicer" hardwoods around the perimeter of the room to save money.
  • Take and share pictures often to generate buzz around a property
  • When "prehabbing," always get it under contract before fulfilling buyer requests

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