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REI Roundtable Podcast: Funding Your Real Estate Deals

When the conversation is as good as it is in this most recent episode of the REI Roundtable Podcast, you just have to break it down.

Our host Rob “The House Guy” sits down with Oliver Austria, Co-Founder and CEO of Triumph Capital.

The conversation starts with a story familiar to many real estate investors: How a career change started it all.

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Oliver was an underwriter working in New York City just before 9/11, jobless, when the real estate market crashed.

You don’t have to be in REI long to realize it’s a place where a lot of people reinvent themselves - and find financial freedom outside of the 9 to 5.

Oliver went from underwriter to flipper, then made the move to financier. His experience makes him exactly the kind of expert that Realeflow REI Roundtable listeners look to for insight.

In this episode, Oliver spends some time explaining the differences between institutional and private lending, when to leverage each, and how Triumph Capital works as a hybrid of the two.

The long story short?

Institutional lending may offer lower rates, but, private lending allows for a quicker turnaround time.

Here’s what Rob has to say:

For me, as an investor, one of the secrets I use to get the best deal is my ability to close fast and to beat out the guy that's going to get a traditional bank loan that will take 30 or 45 days. I say, ‘I can close in a week.’

You’ll have to listen to the podcast to get the exact numbers breakdown but, the point is, whatever amount you might pay extra in interest during the investment period, you should more than make up for in being able to both break ground faster and secure a quicker closing.

If you’re just getting started in REI, or if you’ve left some transactions wondering why you weren’t able to secure financing on your own terms, Oliver also reveals an REI secret that we all want to hear: how lenders look at borrowers.

He talks about his approach with a $100K loan versus a $10M loan, sharing where Triumph Capital might make concessions, and where they won’t.

If you’ve been following Realeflow, you know that in 2019 we partnered with Triumph Capital, adding additional functionality that allows investors to start the pre-approval process within the software.

Have a real estate project under contract and need to get funding fast? Access the application right from your Realeflow account.

This episode of REI Roundtable breaks down the relationship between lender and borrower… And, because Oliver has been on every side, he’s sharing wisdom you can really use to help build your next buy.

His advice for every borrower?

"Make sure you know your deal better than your potential borrower."

Give it a watch (or listen) and let us know what you think!

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