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Bring On The Buyers - All 5.2 Million Of Them

Great news for homeowners and real estate investors with properties to sell… 

Zillow recently reported that 5.2 million renters plan to buy a home in the next year. That’s almost 25% higher than the same time last year. 

The Zillow Housing Confidence Index, sponsored by Zillow and developed by Pulsenomics LLC, polls homeowners and renters in 20 large metro areas about housing market conditions, future expectations, and their overall attitudes toward homeownership.

Homes are affordable, interest rates are low, and rental affordability is terrible, making homeownership much more appealing to many renters.

If you’re in San Jose, Miami, or San Francisco, buckle up. These 3 markets top the charts when it comes to housing market confidence, most likely indicating a busy selling season ahead.

Read the full article to see the 10 markets with the highest housing market confidence here

I’d love to know how your market is doing. Leave a comment below and let me know if you’re already seeing a rise in home sales in your local market.