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The Best Campaign Objectives For Targeting Seller And Buyer Leads On Facebook

What is the most cost effective and efficient Facebook campaign for your business?


In today’s episode of Flipping Facebook, Realeflow’s Derek Gales shares the 2 most effective ways  on Facebook to get in front of your audience for the best cost possible.

Last week’s episode of Flipping Facebook covered the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to engage with potential customers and other potential team members. 

On today's training, Realeflow's resident paid traffic expert, Derek Gales, breaks down the "hows" and "whys" behind the most effective Facebook campaigns for targeting buyers and sellers, and which type of investor should use each campaign. 


A Reach Campaign is best for real estate investors who use their Facebook Business Page as their main business website. 

Something important to note about a Reach Campaign is that it's only as effective as the list that you are targeting. This is why it's extremely important to have good leads. 

This reason is also why we focus so heavily on Realeflow's Leadpipes feature when using a Reach Campaign, and why it is the best way to build a list of potentially motivated sellers to target with your marketing, such as Direct Mail.  

One of the most important things that you should remember is that the key to connecting with your leads and turning them into deals is by being there at the exact moment when a motivated seller decides that they need you. 

Watch the video for a walkthrough of how to create and manage a Reach Campaign in Facebook and how to be there at that crucial moment. 


A Traffic Campaign is the most effective campaign for investors who have a website for their business.   

With this type of campaign, Facebook’s algorithm looks for people in your audience who will likely click and wait for your website to load.

This lets you find people who are resonating with your message enough to visit your website for more information.

Watch the video for a walkthrough of creating and managing a Traffic Campaign on Facebook. 

You'll see that both campaign objectives are great ways to build awareness about your business and spread information about your company’s offerings. 

If you’re interested in learning exactly what other investors are doing to increase motivated buyers, sellers, contractors, and other resources to their business using Facebook, PLUS get a FREE 30 Day Trial of Realeflow, Click Here.

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