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Attack The Day

Now that we’re into the New Year, I’ve been thinking a lot about the changes that I can make each day to increase productivity for both me and my team.

Turns out that there’s just one thing that we all need to do - Attack The Day.

That’s it.

Each and every day, start your day with a plan of attack. Don’t let the day come to you, YOU go get the day. Every day.

When you proactively take on each day rather than reacting to what the day brings you, your efficiency will increase almost immediately.

Now, I realize that there are reactionary parts of each day when you need to react to what’s happening - emails that come in, phone calls, unexpected meetings, etc.

But, overall, you should begin each day with a plan that outlines what you want to accomplish that day. You should have no more than 3 things on your list. Write out a list, type it into a mindmap, or whatever you need to do to have those 3 items in front of you each day and start at the top and work your way down.

If you’re a multi-tasker like myself, this might be a hard transition for you. It’s going to be hard to focus on 1 thing at a time and it’s going to be hard to limit yourself to just 3 projects a day. But if you do this, you will find yourself being much more productive than when you’re “multi-tasking.”

When you have more than 3 things on your list of projects that you want to accomplish in a day, it can quickly become overwhelming, almost paralyzing, and can hold you back from finishing any of it. No matter what, there will always be parts of your day that are reactionary, but if the rest of your day is set up right, you will find yourself being more productive, finishing projects, and probably feeling a lot better as you end each day.

Now, I realize that this doesn’t apply to a customer service department because, generally speaking, they can’t operate proactively most of the time. Their role is mainly to respond to incoming customer questions and issues as they arise, so for customer service to operate this way would be counterintuitive to their purpose as a department.

However, there are things that the customer service department can proactively do each day to increase productivity, such as setting goals for how many outbound calls they will make in a day to customers, just touching base.

I encourage you to look at how you handle each day right now and see what your task list looks like. Do you feel overwhelmed when you look at it?

See what 3 things you can take from your list to accomplish tomorrow. Just 3.

Do this for a week and let me know how your productivity is at the end of that week - are you more or less productive? And how do you feel at the end of each day? Do you feel like you accomplished something or are you leaving not knowing what you did for the day?

Please leave your comments and feedback below and let me know how it goes!