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April Update: Mobile Friendly Repair Estimates, Updates To People Leads

Spring has sprung and, along with that, come a few things that you can always count on…

The days start to get longer, the barren trees start to bloom, the grass starts to turn green, and, here at Realeflow, we will continue updating our platform as we do month after month, continually striving to make it easier for you to grow your real estate business.

Ah, so much to love about this time of year.


Hammerpoint Repair Estimator Goes Mobile

A key component to doing profitable real estate deals is having thorough and accurate repair estimates.

While it’s easy to get distracted by an appealing sales price, a thorough repair estimate will reveal any additional and necessary investments, some of which may be extremely costly.

While the Home Repair Estimator in Realeflow has always been an amazing tool that gives you a clear picture as to whether or not a property is worth investing in, it wasn’t very mobile friendly.

That’s all changed. 

The new mobile experience is cleaner and easier than ever to navigate.

Improved Layout

The first thing you’ll notice is that all of your existing repair estimates are listed so all of the information can be seen without scrolling from side to side. 

Easier To Edit

Clicking on a repair estimate will allow you to edit, delete, or link it to a property if it is not already. 

Let this new mobile experience guide you as you walk through every new property, ensuring each investment is a profitable one.

More Organized 

Once inside a repair estimate you’ll notice that everything is broken down into 4 main groups including Exterior, Interior, Mechanicals, and Other.

There is also an area where Property Notes can be added.

Mobile_SC(Hammerpoint Repair Estimator On Mobile - Realeflow )

Make sure to watch the entire video above for a demo of how the Repair Estimator works on Mobile. 

Leadpipes People Leads 

Last month we told you about the new redesign to our Leadpipes Property Leads. This month we’ve made the same improvements to our People Leads, allowing you to create dynamic lists that collect in the new “My Leads” feature.
You can select your sort criteria, then display your leads in ascending or descending order. The quick action buttons in “My Leads” can be used to export leads, start a direct mail campaign, or save them to your contacts.

People Leads

(My Leads - People Leads - Realeflow)


As your technology partners, we’re always happy to assist you in any way that we can. If you have any suggestions or feature ideas, shoot them over to us at

Happy Spring and Happy Investing!

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