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Acquiring Properties Virtually Through Craigslist

In this video, JoAnna takes you through her latest property that she found through Craigslist and acquired virtually. 

Craigslist can be a great lead source that is oftentimes overlooked by investors due to the amount of time it takes to post frequently enough to drive leads. JoAnna solves this by utilizing virtual assistants to handle her posting so that she can focus on higher revenue per hour work. 

The property itself came from a seller that ran into issues working with another real estate investor in the area. JoAnna was able to use two things to help build up her credibility with the seller; her website and her Youtube channel.

By showing the seller testimonials of previous sellers that have worked with her in the past and the credibility that her Youtube channel brings, she was able to win the seller over and get the property under contract. 

It is located in Richmond, VA and she purchased it while in Charlotte, NC.

Also in this video, JoAnna introduces you to one of her private lenders and talks a little bit about how the relationship between an investor and a private lender is a mutually beneficial one. 

Featured Investor:

JoAnna-Anderson-RichmondJoAnna Anderson
A-Team Marketing, LLC
Richmond, VA 

Terms used in this video:

  • Virtual Assistant