Steve Jobs - How To Live Before You Die

“Stay hungry, stay foolish.”


5 Ways to increase your net rental income on every property

Finding the right property, paying a fair price, putting the right amount of money into it, setting realistic rental rates, and knowing what you can…

5 Must Have Components of a Rock Solid Offer

What do sellers want to see when you make an offer to buy their home?

Whether you’re presenting your offer to the homeowner or the lender, the items…

Landlords: Check out the best (and worst) markets for rentals…

How Does Your Market Stack Up? 

Direct Mail Fail - How to waste your money and everybody’s time

This is the story of how a piece of direct mail landed on my doorstep and how the investor who sent it got it totally wrong.

The 11 Second Buyer - Are you ready for them?



No leads from your website? Here’s why…

Does Your Website Deliver?

The Real Estate Investor’s Marketing Cheat Sheet

I was recently asked to speak in front of a large audience of real estate investors. A good part of my presentation was centered on what investors need…

Is Your Market Ripe For Real Estate Investing?

“The market is good.”

10 Online Real Estate Investment Resources

There are a ton of sites that investors use for finding good investing deals online but, just like everything else, some are good and some are…

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