JUST RELEASED: September 2014 National Housing Trend Report

Realtor.com just released their September National Housing Trend Report, which shows that inventory is spending less time on the market than this same time last year and median listing prices are holding steady with a 7.7% gain year-over-year. 

This, coupled with low mortgage rates that have continued to drop to below 4%, should mean a promising 4th quarter for investors and homeowners with properties to sell.

See the full report here

*Realtor.com reports on 146 Metro Statistical Areas around the country and pulls its data from actual market activity based on consumer search behavior, median list price on for sale properties, active inventory counts, median age of inventory, supply and demand, and more. Realtor.com’s property listings come directly from over 800 MLS feeds nationwide with over 90% of their property listings being updated every 15 minutes.

Please feel free to share what you’re experiencing in your own market by leaving a comment below. We always love to hear first hand accounts of what’s happening around the country. 

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