Game Planning Your Rehabs For Success

In this video Shawn Tiberio takes you through his newest rehab and talks about game planning your rehabs for success.

At 6,200+ squarefeet and over a half million price tag, Shawn has to take a little more time to make sure he addresses all the issues that need addresses as well as the time in which they get addressed.

One of the key features of this home is the deck and the view overlooking a hilly wooded area. This is one thing that he had to take into consideration and get checked prior to his closing date. He'll share more about that in the video.

To learn more about what to look for when evaluating a home, check out Shawn's other Facebook Live session Red Flags to Look For When Inspecting Properties - Part 1 and Red Flags to Look For When Inspecting Properties - Part 2.

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